Who We Are

I have always been interested in design, form, and function. Early on my glass art was greatly influenced by architect, Mies Van der Rohe and his philosophy that less is more. Beauty exists in any object. In an attempt to maximize on clean lines of a piece and allow the radiance to shine through, I have experimented with many art forms. During my journey, I discovered my true love for glass blowing.

Since then, I have studied under many of the best and talented glass artists at the Pratt Fine Arts Studio in Seattle where I had the pleasure of working with Kathrine Gray, Sabrina Knowles, Jennifer Pohlman, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Mitchell Gaudet who have all shared their love of glass and glass techniques with me.

I also had the honor of studying New Bohemia glass techniques with Master Glassblower Josef Zubac. I studied Italian and Swedish techniques with John Collins and Denis Mullens.

I have always believed that life and art are on the job training, so as my life progresses so does my art. In recent years I have used my glass art to help raise money for various charities, a passion that has grown and one I continue to expand.

I have always been a person who loves to work with my hands, from wood working to Glass blowing, I enjoy the process.

I have had the honor of studying New Bohemia glass techniques with Master Glassblower Josef Zubac.

In 1999 I was given a Christmas gift that would change my life forever. Juliana, my wife, had hung a mysterious red envelope from the Christmas tree. In it was a gift certificate for glassblowing classes. From the moment I stepped into the hot shop I was hooked.

I have continued to pursue and improve my skill at this ancient craft through courses at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle Glassblowing and Uptown Glassworks. I have recently displayed my art in galleries throughout Washington State and Italy. I passionately support local charities including Pilchuck Glass School, Schmitz Park Elementary, West Seattle High School and numerous other local non-profit organizations. The annual glass pumpkin sale at West Seattle High School is quickly becoming the highlight of my year.

I am thrilled to be a part of Renton Art & Glass Studio. This is the most amazing studio and this team of artists has an incredible level of skill and passion. It’s quite exciting to be part of this creative endeavor.

I hope you enjoy our gallery and studio and you find some special pieces of art glass that speak to you!

My journey into hot shop glass blowing started many years ago as a check box on my bucket list. I had the opportunity to watch a glass artist when I lived in Germany in the 1980s. I thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it one day.

Fast forward to 2013 while on a cruise to Alaska there was a mobile hot shop glass blowing demonstration. Then in February 2016, I was driving home from work and saw the sign for glass blowing classes at Renton Art & Glass Studio. I stopped and had a wonderful conversation with owner\artist Joni Johnson. I signed up for three introduction classes and haven’t looked back.

In December 2016, I was invited to join the Co-op at RAGS as an emerging artist. I have learned so much from the late Chris Heilman, Joni Johnson, Bob Mays, Brad Burzynski, and Roberta Wyde.

Is trying hot shop glass blowing on your bucket list?

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